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Forensic Outreach Team – FOT


Outpatient Program

1902 Marengo Street, Suite #109
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Main (323) 276-6470
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Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The Forensic Outreach Team (FOT), is an SB82 funded team comprised of a clinician and a person with lived experience designed to engage and expand mental health services to individuals being released under Assembly Bill (AB) 109.

The team operates where AB109 clients often seek mental health services. The FOT provides post-release integrated, intensive short-term case management for up to 60 days for each person receiving services through existing DMH AB 109 providers that require additional assistance for successful linkage to on-going community services and supports upon their release from jail.

FOT is designed to impact jail recidivism and unnecessary and lengthy involuntary inpatient treatment, as well as promote care in voluntary treatment settings that are recovery oriented. SB82 has sponsored a number of Forensic Outreach Teams which are a part of the countywide jail diversion efforts.

Contact Person: Mayra Hernandez, 323-276-6470